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New Century Hotels offers a variety of hotel and hospitality management services to increase profitability from day-to-day operations. Our objective is to enhance services and control expenses, and we use a personal and hands on approach to monitor performance, provide comprehensive reporting and honest communications in all areas of operations. One of the biggest challenges property managers face is improving the efficiency of operations. We are here to assist with all areas of efficiency management, food and beverage controls, and procurement. Our systems and procedures are designed to monitor hotel-level performance and produce accurate and usable reports and metrics about yield management, labor and cash controls, expense variances, and many other critical items on a consistent basis.


Our services include:


Productivity Management

Using specialized productivity management tools, our sales team generates accurate forecasts to improve the allocation of human resources effectively. This allows us to target costs per occupied room, efficient labor models, and expected returns on investment.


Food and Beverage Controls

We are able to streamline operations so that it is possible to better manage costs. We have developed a synergistic approach to sales and food and beverage programs that help hotel staff design menus that minimize costs but still appeal to guests, maximizing customer satisfaction.


Quality Control Services

We take the time to look at hotel operations from the guest’s as well as the brands perspective so that we can reach and exceed customer service expectations.  We carefully analyze internal controls such as cash handling, accounts payable and receivable, State and Local ordinance compliance, food and beverage controls, and other processes during a quality control auditing phase.


A well-managed quality control system is essential for improving hotel operations and customer service. Learn more about Quality Control Services by contacting New Century Hotels today.

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