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A complete sales and marketing plan for each property is a key element to meeting the goals for the budget year. Each year New Century Hotels evaluates the market competition, as well as property strengths and weaknesses.


We create a package directed to the wants and needs of each property's target markets. Each property is unique and each property must be carefully positioned in the marketplace on the basis of its unique ability to satisfy the demands of that particular market; and in order to ensure higher occupancy with increased sales and profits, as well as to build repeat business.


Our commitment to stakeholders, internal and external, is supported by in-depth training programs, based on our belief that every hotel employee must be sales oriented. Sales goals are uniquely recognized for each sales associate. From the moment of hiring and ongoing, we provide calculated training to our sales teams that incorporate our company's sales and marketing values on building business.


Our portfolio consistently achieves greater REV PAR market share by identifying specialty segments that leverage each hotel’s distinct strengths.


From Search Engine Optimization to Internet Wholesaler Partnerships and Digital Marketing campaigns, New Century Hotels is ahead of the curve by establishing a Digital Marketing team to optimize the potential of all internet distribution channels.

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